Type of plating color

JIS environmental classification level:

  • D: Usually refers to indoor environment (residential, office)
  • C: Usually refers to the indoor environment with high humidity (bathroom, kitchen)
  • B: Usually refers to the outdoor environment (residential areas, idyllic suburbs)
  • A: Outdoor environment with strong corrosion (beach, industrial area)

Environmental classification level:

Nickel, Black Nickel, Gold, Cr, Chromium 6+ Free, Chromium 6+ Free, Chromium 6+ Free

  • nvironmental Zinc → Trivalent Zinc (Chromium6 + Free Zinc chromate OR Zinc CR3 +)
  • Eco-friendly multicolored → trivalent multicolored (Chromium6 + Free Zinc Yellow chromate or Zinc CR3 + Yellow)
  • Eco-friendly Black → Trivalent Black (Chromium6 + Free Zinc Black chromate or Zinc CR3 + Black)
  • Environmental Black → Zinc Black without Chromate

Nickel, black nickel, gold, chromium plating is an electroplating system, which uses nickel metal as the plating layer, and then distinguishes the types by the surface color. Zinc (environmental protection zinc, environmental protection multicolored, environmental protection black) is another common electroplating system. Another term is sub-lead electroplating, which uses metal zinc as the coating and then the surface color as the type. The outer layer will be coated with a film as the surface. The coating is the chromate coating.